Heartwarming:Autistic 6 Year Old Reunited With His Mother

Landon Ross Linsey, a Forsyth County North Carolina, an autistic 6 year old disappeared. Any parent can imagine what it must have been like for his mom and dad.

When Landon’s mother discovered he was missing and that he had apparently wandered out of the house, she immediately called police. She notified family members as well as those from her church.

Local police included social media posts in the all out effort to locate the missing child. The parents had alerted authorities that Landon, because of autism, would not respond to others calling him. He would not respond or interact with strangers.

The community was asked to help in the search. They were to be alert, keeping their eyes open for Landon.

Prayers were answered six hours after the disappearance. While several searchers were present, mingling between fire trucks and police cars, Landon’s mother suddenly saw the child as he walked out of the cellar of a nearby home.

Local news media were there to capture the special moment as Landon was reunited with his mother.

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