Texas Cowboy Nails Gymnastic Routine

Texas cowboy goes viral at the rodeo. But it has nothing to do with horses.

The viral video on Facebook shows Guy Bell of Amarillo dealing with ‘shut in fever’. Bell came up with the idea after watching his daughter practice her own acrobatic moves while they fed the horses.

“I handed my dad my phone and said, ‘Hey, Dad, watch this,'” adds Bell.

With zero practice, the Texas cowboy mounted the ‘rail’ and winged a routine worthy of Olympic Gold. “My dad shouted to me about doing the bird.” said Bell.

The video has gone viral including several national news programs.

The idea came from his daughter. He had been watching her do her acrobatic routines as he and his dad watered the horses.

Bell’s good nature is not bothered a bit by the less than complementary comments the video received. Actually, most of the two thousand comments have been supportive.

Bell is no stranger to video and has a good time finding reasons to have fun.

He told the media, “Enjoy every second you have with the ones you love because life is flying by and that’s the fun thing about most of my stuff is I’ve got somebody in my family around me,”

“My dad is always filming. It’s a family thing. We have a lot of fun together.”

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