Apple Releases New Cheaper Models Of iPhones.

New iPhone targets market expansion.

The new smartphone is aimed at a growing market.

Apple has announced the release of a more affordable iPhone model. Apple released iPhone SE (2nd Generation).

Why upgrade? Lots to love. Less to spend. Starting at $399. Water resistant. Privacy built in. Wireless charging. Portrait mode.

When phone prices reached a thousand dollars, it seemed more like a car payment than a cellphone. Even when bundled into a wireless phone package, the cost is staggering. At least for many.

Now, at $399 out the door, users have state of the art applications from apps to cameras. Fast and Apple dependable.

The $399 price tag rivals what many are paying for new but older six and seven models. At $399, users also are able to plug into flat rate calling plans from carriers like Cricket Wireless. Packages include unlimited data with out slowdowns until you reach 10G.

Whats not to like?

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