Hero Dads Are Building Forts

Hero Dads Are Building Forts

Covid-19 has an unexpected benefit for kids. It has allowed dads the chance to be hero’s in their own backyard.

Forts, treehouses, or a play house, are springing up everywhere. Just in time for summer. Social distancing is not a problem. Unless of course, the whole neighborhood shows up.

“There is not much to them really” commented one dad. Grab a few boards at the big box store, (he mentioned both Lowes and Home Depot) “And get to work.”

He offered a little advice. “To simplify the design and maximize the use of purchased materials, I tried to incorporate basic straight-from-the-store lumber dimensions as much as possible. For example, the floor is a 4-foot by 8-foot sheet of material, the posts are 8 feet tall, the roof is 10 feet wide, and so forth. All common sizes, so more bang for my buck with very little waste.”

Hero Dads Are Building Forts

Plans, if you need them are online. Magazines with plans are available in most magazine racks at the grocery store. Just have look.

Tools and some skill will be required.

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