A Very Smart Wife

A Very Smart Wife

A man calls his wife from the office. “Honey, this is amazing. I have been asked by the boss to go with him on an exclusive fishing trip.” There was a lot excitement in his voice. “We’ll be staying in a 5 star fishing lodge for a week.

“That’s wonderful,” she replied.

“Oh yeah, and I think it will be a great chance for him to get to know me better…Maybe an opportunity to get promoted.” He still had excitement in his voice.

“When are you leaving?” she asked.

“That’s why I’m calling. They leave tonight, right after work.”

“Wow, this is very sudden,” she said.

“I know, would you pack a suitcase for me, and set out my tackle box along with my rod and reel? I’ll only have time to swing by and pick them up, then head to the lodge.”

A Very Smart Wife

“Sure,” she answered, not really liking the suddenness of it all.

“Oh,” said the husband. “One more thing, Would you remember to pack my favorite blue silk pajamas?”

“I can, but do you really want them on a fishing trip?”

“You know how well I sleep when I wear them.”

It all sounded a little fishy but she got his things ready.

The following week he returned from the trip. “Did you catch any fish?” She asked

“It was really great. Now I know why the lodge is so popular. We caught a lot of fish including a couple of trophy sized pike.” He paused, “But I wondered why you didn’t pack the pajamas?”

“I did,” she responded. “I put them in the tackle box.”

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