Speeder Faces His Toughest Judge

Speeder Faces His Toughest Judge

When this cop caught a reckless and cocky driver going 115 MPH, he decided the situation should be handled by the ultimate judge.

Andrew Katz told of his story that occurred when he just 18 years old.

He was pulled over by the police. It was obvious to him that the charge was going to be speeding.

“Good evening sir, do you know why I stopped you?” ask the patrolman.

Andrew was smug, maybe cocky. “Probably because I was doing 120.”

“I only had you doing 115,” said the officer. He too was a little smug.

There was a reason for this detail. The route Andrew was driving did not have a speed limit. Safety was the determination if the speed was exessive.

“So… What happens now?” asked Andrew.

“You’ll see.” The officer had Andrew proceed home while he followed.

Soon enough, Andrew reached his home. As he proceeded down a long driveway, the officer turn on his lights and siren.

Anyone in the house would be alerted to Andrew’s arrival. That was the whole point of the officers action.

As on cue, Andrew’s mother was out of the house and at the car door before Andrew was able to get out. Just as quick, the officer was there too.

He calmly explained the circumstances of clocking Andrew at 115 mph.

With all the details, Andrew’s mother began to explain to Andrew the consequences of driving her car at such a reckless manor. She had little trouble listing the ‘what ifs’ of high speed travel. her tone and animations left no doubt as to the seriousness of Andrew’s driving.

The officer smiled and tipped his hat to Andrew as he walked back to his police car. He knew it would be a long time before he would find Andrew driving again, let alone doing 115 MPH.

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