Power Efficiency Guide Review | Is it Recommended?

Power Efficiency Guide Review | Is it Recommended?

Power efficiency is more than a concept reserved for preppers and survivalists. Electricity creates comfort in ways many often forget. It’s so ubiquitous we lose sight of how important it is.

Our daily needs are met, our lives are easier, our comfort seems secure. Electricity is vital yet we take it for granted. Daily.

Then Disaster Comes

Hurricanes, tornados, snowstorms, floods, wildfires, the list is nearly endless. The ways and reasons for power interruptions are known but they are not predictable. They arrive at the worst possible time. (not that there is ever a good time)

Power Efficiency Guide Review | Is it Recommended?

And don’t forget the rolling brownouts some face because of state mandates. It is the moment the government shows how little they care about your oxygen machine not working, or that the refrigerator is no longer a cool place to store your medicine.

There Is An Answer

Best-selling author, Mark Edwards has published an amazing ebook that goes through, step-by-step, a plan of building a new mini power plant. An efficient power source that will see you through the dark days of rolling blackouts, raging storms, wildfires, and other calamities.

The spinning principle is a little-known and even less understood concept that is at the center of building your own mini-power source.

All the events listed earlier threaten electrical power to those who are entirely dependent on the grid from big energy.

Independence from normal energy is not so much an alternative, but a stop-gap when things go horribly bad.

It Could Be Worse

Imagine for a moment, what would happen in your home, if the Chinese Communist Party launched a cyber attack against the power plant serving your city.

The chance of the grid being down for weeks, maybe months should be expected. Those preppers and survivalists mentioned earlier understand such a threat.

Can you withstand weeks or months of disruption? Will you manage without lights, refrigeration, or power for cell phones and computers?

The most common option when the power goes out is a generator. One that is likely fueled with gas or diesel. While costly, many will find them to be the right option. There is a but. 

But if the grid is down, resupplying your fuel supply is likely interrupted as well. Gas and diesel fuels are pumped using electricity. Gas pumps need electricity to work. You are left with no dependable fuel to run a generator.

No Grid, No Electricity, No Gas.

Power Efficiency Guide by Mark Edwards will make a difference. An ebook that can be downloaded from Mark, gives you what you need to know and do to provide efficient electrical energy in the moments you need it most. 

The Power Efficiency Guide is based on what is known as the spinning principle. 

If you are like most people, the first question that comes to mind is, What is the spinning principle?

The New York Times describes it like this:

The principle of the flywheel is based on kinetic energy, which is the energy of a moving object. Because a flywheel has a heavy rim, once a force sets it spinning, the wheel tends to keep spinning — a property that makes a flywheel a reservoir of energy.

 Power Efficiency Guide Review | Is it Recommended?

Many describe the spinning principle as the endless power principle. The principle is most often found in the operation of electric cars. It explains why cars can charge when they are not in acceleration mode.

The Power Efficiency Guide explains that the spinning principle has its own energy generator.

When Mark Edwards was researching what has become his best-selling book, he found that the energy produced by the spinning principle was endless. It was the driving force in developing the Power Efficiency Guide.

What is the Power Efficiency Guide? 

It’s a full breakdown of the spinning principle, why it works, and how to build a power source that will meet the needs that you, the consumer have regarding electrical power. 

The intent of the author is to help individuals find a more cost-efficient way of creating efficient energy sources.

In simple terms, the Power Efficiency Guide is a collection of detailed yet easy-to-understand illustrations, techniques, and a list of materials that are readily available to easily set up their own power plant. It is done at a remarkably affordable price.

The program includes guides, instructions, and a complete list of tools needed to set up the power plant. The materials needed to build a power source are readily available. They are available at retail outlets such as Home Depot or Lowes.

The cost of the Power Efficiency Guide is less than $50. The parts needed to build the power plant will cost a little more than a hundred dollars. Not a bad trade-off to have more efficient power, and the security of never again being left in the dark.


There are two dominant motivations for people wanting to secure alternative energy. Some will want to eliminate all dependence on a single utility service. Cost is generally the driving force to become energy independent. 

It does not take much effort to imagine cutting a utility bill to zero using a new power source you built for personal use.

Others are content with the utility company but want to be secure when electrical power is interrupted. 

Both of these motivations are achievable using the power plant design outlined in Power Efficiency Guide.

There are also nuances in the motivation factor. For those who live in areas with extreme weather, very hot and very cold climates, the choice of comfort may be pitted against the need to eat, pay the rent, or have the money to drive to work.

The high cost of heating and cooling can be offset with a power plant built using the Power Efficiency Guide.

A limitless source of electric power will be the option many take, only because they’re saving money needed elsewhere in the family budget.

What Motivated the Author?

When Mark Edwards was searching for an alternate energy source to limit his electric bills and protect his family in emergencies, he had some hardpoints that had to be met.

  • The energy source must be inexpensive and simple to build
  • It had to be portable. Easy to move (like when evacuating)
  • Did not rely on a secondary source of energy, like solar, gas, or wind

The obvious alternatives, like generators, solar panels, and windmills were out. They are all dependent on unreliable fuel.

With these goals in mind, the search was on to find a source of electricity that meets the listed requirements. The full story of the search is told in a video you can see when you click the image. You watch and hear more about the amazing Power Efficiency Guide.

Power Efficiency Guide Review | Is it Recommended?
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What Are The Pros and Cons 


  • The guide will show how to create free electricity.
  • The guide leaves nothing out. No guesswork. Plans, prints, parts, and tools required are listed
  • The guide provides the knowledge you’ll need to know the power capacity you’ll want in order to meet your needs
  • The power source you build is crazy simple to maintain.


  • The guide is only available as a downloadable ebook (PDF)
  • There is assembly required
  • There is an investment required beyond the cost of the guide

What Do You Get If You Buy The Power Efficiency Guide?

The guide is delivered to you as a digital ebook. It comes immediately upon completing the purchase using one of the secure links in this article.

The full guide comes in a download of the manual, videos, and bonuses included in the purchase. Each will have download instructions. The download can be done to a computer, (desktop or laptop) tablet, or smartphone.

The manual portion of the guide is in PDF form. If you wish to have a paper copy,  it can be printed out on any printer. 

There will be a download button for a series of high-definition (HD) videos. They illustrate the step-by-step instructions for assembling the new power plant. 

Power Efficiency Guide Review | Is it Recommended?

Video Subjects

  1. Tools and Components
  2. Building The Coil
  3. Building The Rotor
  4. Assembling Coil and Rotor
  5. Assembling Control Board
  6. Coil Connection to Control Board
  7. Final Assembly
  8. Testing

Power Efficiency Guide is currently offering bonus material as an incentive to purchase the program. The bonuses (while available) can be accessed as a download when the purchase has been completed.

They will be obvious in the download window.


Mark Edwards has created the Power Efficiency Guide to help people to develop and build their own in-home self-sustaining energy source.

Building your own power generator can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in electric bills. When you buy the Power Efficiency Guide you receive detailed instructions, a blueprint of how to build it at home in as little as a few hours.

It will include professionally produced instructional videos to assure you can accomplish building your own power source. It is a proven, over-the-shoulder training technique.

The personal power source meets the criteria set forth by Mark Edwards when he started out to solve the problem of failing energy grids. That includes being affordable, portable and does not rely on other energy sources like gas, wind, or solar.

The guide lists what you’ll need. Which tools to collect, and what parts to buy. As we mentioned before, the parts can be found at Home Depot.

Power Efficiency Guide Review | Is it Recommended?

What Do People Like About The Power Efficiency Guide?

Creating your own energy source

The guide is truly valuable in showing how anyone can become energy independent. Saving money on electricity is just the beginning.

Clean and Green

The power source you build using the Power Efficiency Guide is CLEAN. There are no fossil fuels. 

Without using gas, or coal, you know you’re going green and not polluting the atmosphere.

It Can Be Completed Quickly

Building a personal power plant does not require a lot of time. It is completed in a matter of hours. There are no permits to apply for, no inspections needed, and it is built on a timetable set by the builder. That’s you.

Easy to Follow Instructions

Power Efficiency Guide includes a table of tools and materials needed to build the power plant. The plans and blueprints are easy to follow. There is a full file of step-by-step HD videos with quality, over-the-shoulder training style instructional video.

User Friendly – Low Maintenance

Whether you’re a prepper, considering living off the grid, or at high risk of power interruptions, the Power Efficiency Guide has value beyond money. 

Because you built it, you know how it works. You also know there is little needed to keep it functioning. A worn belt may be the most complex maintenance issue you’ll face.

Money-Back Guarantee 

Power Efficiency Guide Review | Is it Recommended?

The Power Efficiency Guide is a serious offer backed by a serious guarantee. The author knows that power grid issues are not to be taken lightly.

Neither should the tools people need to combat the fears of losing power.

The Power Efficiency Guide comes with a full 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the purchase, you only need to send a request for a refund to the email address in the ‘members’ area of the website. A full refund will be issued within 24 hours of the request.

Watch a full video presentation on the Power Efficiency Guide by clicking the image below.

Power Efficiency Guide Review | Is it Recommended?

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